The Hazmat Kentucky Training Center is the trusted source in Kentucky for effective and comprehensive occupational health and safety training courses. Our training's are specifically designed to benefit your business with reductions in employee injuries, reduce safety hazards, limit liabilities associated with hazardous material/waste handling, and ensure state and federal regulatory compliance. 

Our clients often tell us how much we have benefited their organization by providing a comprehensive and cost-effective training experience for their employees. Celebrating 20+ years of quality service, we look forward to serving you!  

NSC recognizes the first anniversary of the National Roadway Safety Strategy, which the U.S. Department of Transportation announced on Jan. 27, 2022 to combat the rising number of traffic fatalities across the United States. #RoadwaySafety #KeepEachOtherSafe
What's China doing with tens of thousands of Covid testing booths left over from the pandemic? Some are being reimagined as libraries, food stalls and even tourist counters https://t.co/Nf3Eu6Xr1K
Ice rinks are a fun place in the winter. But exposure to #ammonia from refrigeration system leaks can cause serious health effects. Help keep workers and customers safe with maintenance, ventilation, and detection systems: https://t.co/SXVzKDY0Ma

#AmmoniaLeak https://t.co/7190clRNFp
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