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As part of EPA’s commitment to protecting children from lead exposure and its harmful effects, we just released the Spanish edition of the Lead Awareness Curriculum to help communities protect their children. Check it out by visiting https://t.co/b2JC7CvMbe
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IN: The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has ordered a Bloomington gas station to assess the extent of a fuel leak that sent thousands of gallons of fuel into sanitary and storm sewers in early November.
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Federal efforts to address pollution by so-called forever chemicals may push increased costs onto water and wastewater agencies.
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The AMGTA has issued a report outlining the requirements to passivate metal condensate waste. The new process involves mixing powder condensate waste with a removable resin, which renders the waste non-hazardous and shippable to a recycling plant. https://t.co/6kOXOolz4e