HAZMAT KENTUCKY's primary training center is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Located on the YouthBuild Louisville campus, we offer one of the state's signature training programs for HAZMAT related courses. As a proud member of the Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training, we offer a comprehensive list of leading-edge classes that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and are taught with a hands-on training style by seasoned trainers. Contact us today to learn why we are the primary training center for Kentucky!

For years, we have offered our diverse clientele the option of off-site training's that are aimed at meeting specific outcomes, timelines and budgets. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about these customized training's.


Charles brings over 35 years of experience in hazardous waste training to the HAZMAT Kentucky team. A graduate of Murray State, with a masters degree in Occupational Safety and Health, Charles has trained over 19,000 students in the civilian sector to work with hazardous materials. Additionally, Charles has derived years of experience from his service in the Chemical Corps.

He has been affiliated with the current federal grant for HAZMAT training for over 23 years and his carefully crafted program is ranked among the premiere training centers in the nation. 

A proud member of the Midwest Consortium, he is eager to share his breadth of knowledge and experience with his students. 



Terri joined the HAZMAT Kentucky Team in 1997 and serves as Assistant Director and Liaison Officer for student services. Terri graduated from Murray State University with a Masters degree in Occupational Safety and Health, a field she was drawn to from her desire to educate and protect individuals working in hazardous conditions.

Terri has presented at the NIEHS National Trainers Conference, been awarded the Roundtable Safety Award for her work in the Construction industry and recognized by the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security for work conducted during the great "American Shakeout". She specializes in Safety, Health and regulatory training for both the Construction and General Industry Safety sectors. Terri is also a member of the Midwest Consortium.


In addition to the knowledgeable full-time staff at HAZMAT Kentucky, we also draw on the expertise of trainers in a variety of fields.  These seasoned trainers provide real-world experience that is unparallel anywhere else in the State.  Most of them have 20+ years in the field as first-responders in emergency services. 

It is the contributions of this diverse and skilled group of contractors from across the State that helps our program thrive.  Our repeat customers appreciate the collaborative nature of our program and know that we seek to offer our attendees a well-rounded, informative and experiential training environment.