24-Hr Operations Level Emergency Responder Training

Targeted for members of emergency response team which may have to respond offensively to an incident involving the release of hazardous materials.

Overall Learning Objectives:
• Describe the risks of hazardous materials.
• Understand the possible outcomes of an emergency.
• Learn ways to recognize hazardous materials.
• Understand your role as an operations-level responder.
• Perform basic hazard and risk assessment techniques.
• Select and use proper protective equipment provided.
• Know basic hazardous material terms.
• Perform basic control, containment, and confinement procedures.
• Perform basic decontamination procedures.
• Implement standard operating procedures and incident termination.
• Size up a scene.
• Work within the system set up for response actions.
• Use personal protective equipment.
• Perform certain basic response actions.

NOTE: All participants in the 24-Hour Emergency Responder Training are required to have a physician complete a medical evaluation and clearance form prior to the course.