40-Hr Site Worker (40H)

This course is for individuals who plan to work at a hazardous waste site that expose or potentially expose them to hazardous substances and their associate hazards.

Overall Learning Objectives:
• Use references to determine hazards.
• Identify hazard control measures.
• Design standard operating procedures to prevent worker exposure to hazardous materials.
• Don and doff personal protective equipment.
• Use monitoring equipment
• Set up decontamination procedures.
• Recognize hazards at your facility
• Sample and clean up a chemical release.
• Minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
• Prevent the spread of contaminants.
• Describe practices to reduce potential emergencies
• Implement the site safety plan

NOTE: All participants in the 40-Hour Waste Site Worker Training are required to have a physician complete a medical evaluation and clearance form prior to the course.